“To keep something, you must take care of it. More, you must understand just what sort of care it requires" (Dorothy Parker)


We are a small family business born in 1923: since then we are committed to offering our customers high quality products at competitive prices, through a personalized shopping experience and aimed to establishing profitable and long-lasting relationships. In addition to chemicals, we offer a wide and varied range of footwear care products.


We help our customers to take care of their shoes and keep them over time, in a world that goes so fast, where objects, even the most expensive ones, are constantly thrown away or replaced. We do it thanks to innovative products that will give new life to your shoes. 


Hard roots, competence and entrepreneurship to be a reference company in Shoe Care world.





Fabbrica Chimica Unione srl

Via Aldo Bozzi, 12/14

20832 DESIO (MB)   Italy

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