Founded in 1923 by a small group of entrepreneurs, the company has always maintained its connotation of small and elastic company, able to modify the structures, the machinery and the productive capacities according to the needs, the market demand, the customers and various historical periods. The work initially focuses on products for the leather and shoe maintenance market, in particular by focusing on specialized leather and leather stores and shoe factories. For more than fifty years the production of numerous chemical products takes place in collaboration with the German Mother House, of which the "ERI" mark is used in Italy, a guarantee of quality and notoriety. During the 60s, the numerous and fruitful collaborative relationships allow FCU to focus primarily on the Italian market, through the dissemination of products with the well-known brands "Reflex" and "Nero d'Inferno", made with their own structures and with development of advanced technologies and formulations at much more competitive costs. The "Nero d'Inferno" and the "Grasso foca" (both patented brands) become products known in the industry at a national level, and appreciated for their high quality / price ratio. At the end of the 1980s, the company opened up to a new challenge: the production field expanded with the creation of the internal production department of insoles and orthotics, still active today. In the years to come, a special eye also goes to the large-scale retail market, which is served indirectly and not with its own brands: FCU in fact establishes new relationships with large companies introduced in the sector, for which a considerable series of products. However, the Reflex trademark remains at the exclusive disposal of the specialized shops that have always historically marked its distribution. Finally, the opening of the markets allows the diffusion of the company's brands also in foreign countries, not only in Europe: Spain, France, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Russia, England, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Tunisia, just to mention the countries where the distribution of products is most interesting. The quality / price ratio and the seriousness of the company, which over the years has been able to carve out a prominent position in the sector, are essential characteristics that make FCU a point of reference in the national and international panorama, and that denote it as a small capable company. , at any time, to respond to the requests of its customers and to open up to every new challenge.