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We produce and sell chemical products and accessories for shoes, particularly insoles, and leather care goods for very demanding consumers. More than a large scale distribution channel we sell directly to shoe-care shops, shoe-shops, shoe factories and shoemakers interested in high quality and very professional products.

Since 1923 we are located in a small village very close to Milan (Italy) where we have our own research laboratories and production plants. In May and November we are present at the Leather Goods Exhibition "LINEAPELLE" that takes place in Bologna (Italy).
Our high qualified technical and sale staff is always available to provide all kinds of information you need.

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Established in 1923, the company always kept the purpose to be "small and flexible" to answer the customer needs with technology edge products and with up-to-date manufacturing plants.From the beginning the mission was to invent and produce high quality chemical products for shoes and leather care goods to sell directly to best in class shoe-care shops, shoe shops, shoe factories and shoemakers.

Due to our quality for more than 50 years, we became the partner of a very well known German company named "ERI" producing and reselling chemical products and accessories for shoes and leather care goods. The high technology of our research and some acquisitions allowed, in the sixties, a direct presence in the Italian market especially with two famous brands: "Reflex" and "Nero d'Inferno". Products like "Nero d'Inferno" and "Grasso foca" (both under Trade mark) became famous in the Italian market for their quality always combined with competitive prices.Recently we are addressing also the large scale distribution using alternative brands providing different companies with our products or with the outsourcing of their production. The market globalization allowed the company to sell outside the Italian market introducing its products worldwide where we have a recognized brand. The most important countries where we are present are France, Spain, Russia, Greece, Malta and Turkey. The very good quality/price ratio and the reliability of the company, for sure one of the historic and well known in Italy for the leather product segment, are the bases for its continuous growing and for the customer satisfaction.

Understanding very well the market and the new business model, the company is able to solve any new technical problems providing personalized and flexible solutions for each customer.